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4th Event-Bright Star Bazaar

Kameshia Hall

Posted on November 16 2019

4th Event-Bright Star Bazaar

Arts and Crafts event-Douglasville, GA 

So on Monday I was scrolling on Facebook and saw an event posted by a family friend Jan.
I reached out and asked if it was her church and she advised no.
On Tuesday or Wednesday I found and emailed the contact asking if I could be a vendor. On yesterday, I received an email that said there were no spaces available and next year check their website in August as this event books quickly. I responded, yes ma’am I certainly will and thanks for the follow up.
Last night for some reason, I started organizing and packing my bags. My next event isn’t until next Saturday!

I’m off work today but something said check your work email. I did and there was an email from the contact that said, disregard my message on yesterday and please call me. I just called and was told the following “Kameshia Jones-Hall I could not sleep last night trying to figure out how to get you into this event. Today someone just called and told me she is sick and cannot come. I would love for you to have this slot. I know it’s short notice but would love for you to come. “
Now let’s take a step back, after a long week at work on yday after completing an event, I sold two bags in the parking lot. I normally do not carry bags but hadn’t unpacked from the weekend. Then I see a lady writing my info down and I get another sell on the hwy. then my friend Lana makes a purchase. I woke up yesterday grateful and ended my day just thanking the boss for every single opportunity presented and now this! My heart is overjoyed and all I know is as long as I do right, the boss got me!
Whether this event be a success or flop, I am so grateful for the opportunity. No one can stop or hinder what’s for you!

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  • Tonia Tinnian: November 16, 2019

    Hi, I’m the lady that you BLESSED with a bag today at Bright Star. I want to say THANK YOU again. You really made my day. I’m in tears as I type this just thinking about it. I have shared what you did with several people since I left the event. I have never had that happen before. Have a BLESSED weekend and good luck with your next show.

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